Empress Mika - Shrinking your Dick Korean SPH

Added: 15-01-2022

How did such a short, pathetic little man like you end up with a normal sized dick? That doesn't seem right to Me so I think it's time that we fixed your normal-size dick problem, once and for all! You see, I happen to know a little bit of magic, that I am going to use on you, to shrink your dick down to the size that you deserve. Short men deserve short dicks! This magic will make your dick shrink in size every time you stroke. So, the more you stroke, the tinier your dick will become. LOL! And, this magic is permanent, so your dick will never grow back! Now that I have cast My magic on you, why don't you take a look at what I'm wearing for you tonight? It's no mistake that I slipped into this painfully sexy, red bodystocking for you today. You know that no woman would ever wear something this sexy for you, but today is a very special occasion. You can try and resist all you want, but My outfit is calculated to instantly turn you on. It's only going to be a matter of time until you cave and start stroking to My perfect body, especially once I start teasing and humiliating you in both English and Korean. Don't be afraid, just give in to My perfection and stroke your dick away. You never deserved the dick you had anyways! You were always too short and insecure to attract any Women, despite having a normal sized dick. You have always known that short guys like you don't deserve to be with tall, gorgeous Goddesses like Me. Give in and follow My commands. Stroke when, and how, I tell you and be ready to cum to My perfection.

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