Dirty Demi - Taboo - Doubting my Faith

Added: 14-01-2022

Disclaimer: This video is a taboo fantasy centred around somebody straying from their faith (in this example Christianity). I mean no disrespect to those who practice this religion and viewer discretion is advised! In this video you and I have just finished a heavy session of bible study and we’ve gone to my bedroom to hang out. We’ve been church friends for a while now and you’ve come to enjoy our discussions about scripture. This afternoon feels a bit different though… we sit on my bed and I nervously ask you if I can confide in you about my faith, you see … a couple of weeks ago I cursed. And it wasn’t just a normal naughty curse word… it was a blasphemous curse word. I said god damn it! You’re shocked, you can’t believe one of your most religious friends is telling you this! I carry on, the worst part about me cursing was how good it felt. Over the past two weeks I haven’t been able to stop, I’ve been saying things like jesus christ and oh my god, sometimes I mix it up and say jesus fucking christ or oh my fucking god! I ask you to curse with me so you can see how good it feels, you know it’s wrong but you can’t help but be a little curious.. You say god damn it and you feel your dick start to tingle? Could this be turning you on? I start giggling and come up with more blasphemous curse words for you to say and as I push you further and further your cock begins to throb and get rock hard! I notice the bulge in your pants and I’m immediately turned on! I help you get your cock out and then I tell you I want you to jerk off while I confess all of the doubts I’ve been having about my faith. I tease you and undress, showing off my huge natural tits - my body looks made for sin! I start to rub my pink wet pussy as I mock our religion, you realise my curse words were just the tip of the iceberg and my sinful thoughts are a lot more extreme. The more shocking and nihilistic I get the harder your cock gets and it looks like I’m getting in more of a frenzy the more I confess to you! We’re both aware what we’re doing is wrong but god damn it it feels so right!! I keep rubbing my pussy until my moans get more and more intense and I suggest I count us down so we can cum together. Between each number I say a blasphemous curse as I get closer and closer to cumming, I get to one and we both unleash the most pleasurable and intense orgasm together! I bend over and clean up the cum from your cock with my mouth, getting rid of any sinful evidence… shall we make this a Sunday tradition? 1080p quality, available to stream or download immediately, hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Demi xxx

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