Mistress Euryale - Gloved body inspection

Added: 13-01-2022

You are tied up on a medical bed, while Doctor Euryale explains to you that she is about to inspect your body with different examination gloves, in nitrile and latex.
Your genitals have to be inspected first and unfortunately, there are some medical issues that need to be solved ASAP. Two of your body parts will then get examined: your slutty mouth and your tight anus. As you wonder why Doctor Euryale suddenly talks to you in a very unprofessional manner, she also takes off her medical outfit in front of you, revealing her beautiful body in black leather lingerie.
Two gloved fingers in your mouth and a stainless steel speculum will help each of your holes to open up, she says, in order to find what is the best treatment for your situation.
Diagnosis of Doctor Euryale: regular anal training is necessary, and you will start your treatment soon in the clinic. In the meantime, another exercise should be started right now: a cum treatment that she will make sure that you don't miss every day. Now it's time to squirt and swallow. And you can't do anything about it.

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