Mina Thorne - The Dark Queen - Science Fiction Fantasy

Added: 11-01-2022

There is nothing more beautiful and terrifying then the Dark Queen, you hear rumors that she gets her powers by absorbing the essence of weak men like yourself. No one can resist her, and you have been brought before her and all her powerful glory. She is beautiful, you feel a mixture of arousal and fear. She is in a kind mood so today she will give you a choice, give her what she wants and she will let you live. The alternative won't be so pleasant, What choice do you truly have other than to submit to her desires? She uses the essence of weak and vulnerable men like you in her rituals, and you will provide her the seed that she needs to keep those under her power weak and helpless. Stroke she commands, the more you stroke the weaker you become as the Dark Queen absorbs your power, your essence, commanding you to cum on the floor at her feet. She grows more powerful by the moment. Once she takes what she needs, what will become of you? What will be your fate?

File Name : 11___Mina_Thorne_-_The_Dark_Queen
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Duration: 00:09:27
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