Fetishista - Latex Oueen Of Hearts CBT CHALLANGE

Added: 10-01-2022

In this video I am shining. From all points of view.
You have two choices slave: you can either take my challange and man up or wank mesmerized by my red latex body (it can be easy to get lost while looking at my Goddess red latex body).
I want you to show me you are worthy of my power. That you got BIG balls. That you are a manly man for your Queen.
It is easy : one week. A fun entertaining week for me and a hot adventure for you.
Each day of the week you will have a diffrent task. The type of task that will make you think about me all day long or dream about me while in bed at night (or both). Beware : you will need elastic bands, a candle and q tips. Don't worry, you will have all the details in the video. I make sure a real man can take it : all the pain for it's beautiful Queen.
You are not allowded to cum untill I instruct you to. Got it???
Oh ****, you will be fifty shades of red by the end of this challange !
Can you take it? I dare you !

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