Club Stiletto - Mistress T - Yes you’re invited to the Party

Added: 31-12-2021

Today is your lucky day, slave. You have been longing to be a full human toilet. Well, since you’ve been so eager Mistress T is going to take you to a FemDom party. That’s right, you get to attend the party, with her, and guess what? Yes, you get to be the full toilet for not only Mistress T but all her dominant Girlfriends, too! Dozens of Mistresses will be lining up to relieve themselves on you and your open and eager mouth.
Mistress T has prepared an excellent lesson plan for you in this 10 minute interaction. She discusses the various positions you will assume at the party, and all the different ways you will serve as the party toilet. Mistress T does have one big concern though, She knows how horny you get at the thought and she’s worried you might lose control of yourself at the party. Naturally slaves are not allowed to cum at parties so she wants you to stroke your dick while she gives you her ass to lick, and she wants you to blow your load, right now, before you go to the party. She guides you through it all with her SUPER HOT masturbation instructions, as you lick her asshole, and then shoot your load on command.

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