Olivia Rose - Dangle To The D34th

Added: 27-12-2021

"It’s a future where women rule over men. Olivia Rose leads an online game aimed at eliminating as much useless cock as possible. 10,000 guys are tuned into your webcast, dicks in hand, jerking off to you seductively dangling your high heels. The game is simple: each round we have to guess which shoe you’ll let drop - right or left? If we guess correctly, we get to keep jerking to the next round in the hope of making it through every round to the end, when we’ll be allowed to cum. But if we guess the wrong shoe, you have a network of armed drones that will locate each loser and blast us D34D!
Our chances of making it through all 7 rounds are slim. All 10,000 of us are fucked, and you love it! You keep us on edge with your shoes barely clinging to your toes; after you let one slip, you love teasing the losers: jerk faster, you’re about to be ended! You tease us by making “finger shooting” and shooting at us; you make the slashing motion across your throat. You LOVE taunting the losers in our last moments before the drones machine us down. Can anyone survive all 7 rounds and all the different shoes you wear?? Or will it be total annihilation for everything with a dick?"

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