Lucy Spanks - Findom Reminders and Humiliations

Added: 26-12-2021

buy this clip if you love findom and bitchy blondes. Impromptu findom video of Me relaxing and waiting for you to do something that is worth My fucking attention. I am only here for your money. Yeah sure we have "good convos" sometimes but you know the min you stop sending I can easily move on to the next bitch desperate to what are you going to do? lose all your progress and let someone else take your spot or are you gonna be a good bitch and send another hundred? im too easy on you.. lots of findom reminders in this one, you love to be fucked over and used and rubbed in that you are nothing but a walking wallet to Me, you feel the best sense of purpose serving at My feet and funding My lifestyle, you are lucky to do so because you would never talk to a Goddess otherwise. ugly virgins like you always have to pay one way or another. everyone saying theres someone out there for you is WRONG. this is all you have. Humiliating yet affirming, you feel so many conflicting feelings as you stroke further down the rabbit hole to this clip.

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