Hotjulsfetishes - Inside Cuckold's Mind - Femdom Pov

Added: 12-12-2021

You've been looking for a true Cuckoldress for a long time. Someone who can finally ground you, put you into complete cuckolding servitude. Your girlfriend won't do it, your wife is too vanilla. So here i am! You found your perfect Goddess. In this video i am going to get deep into your cuckolding mind. I know what makes your little dick hard. I will find the inner triggers that make you so weak and pathetic that you would do anything to serve ME & your Alpha Bull.
You see, you are NOT a faggot. If you were a faggot, you would be going out and blowing dicks on your own. BUT, for you to suck dick you need a woman to be present. I will be the decision maker from now on when you suck cock, whose cock and for how long. You need a little bit of hand-holding, a dash of encouragement. I will tease your tiny dick with my hot body, fully take off my white lingerie and show off my HOT BODY that you will NEVER have. You know that you could never please a hot Goddess like me, your only way to be close to me is to become my cuckold. You will also see short mind-fucking cuckolding clips playing throughout this my video, teasing you, causing you fall deeper into my cuckolding ****.
You are my cuckold! I will go over the hottest, dirtiest cuckolding tasks that you will perform for me and Alpha bull. Are you ready to submit yourself to me & become my lifetime cum eating cuckold slave. Of course you are! Buy now and start your servitude.

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