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Added: 06-12-2021

I come in the interview for a babysitter job, but I don’t exactly look like your other applicants. I’m wearing a hot pink bodysuit, hot pants, and thigh high stockings. I talk about how I usually work nights and am usually really good with people. You’re not really sure what to ask me in the audition—er, interview. You try to focus on what I’m saying, but my breasts are straining against my thin bodysuit, I’m clearly not wearing a bra, and my shorts are practically panties.
Then you catch me saying something about how I have experience treating people like babies, even if I don’t have any actual experience babysitting. You ask what I mean. I offer to show you! But you’re going to have to get undressed in order to experience my diapering skills. I slowly strip you and my voice changes, becoming softer and sexier. I seduce you into diapers, trapping you just where I want you and reducing you to a widdle babie.
That’s when I notice that being diapered apparently gives you a stiffy! Would you like me to keep going? Well, it’s going to cost you, because this doesn’t feel like an audition anymore. It feels like I got the job—and I make a lot more doing this than you were offering for babysitting. I start teasing my nipple with a rattle while I tell you that maybe you should crawl over to your pants and get your wallet. You’re so horny that you’re ready to cum in a diaper, which you would never have thought possible! You just can’t keep yourself from handing over your hard-earned cash to continue the experience.
I strip out of my clothes, giving you a view of my big, round ass and my gorgeous tits. I start telling you how my diaper fetish led me to just sort of fall into this as I show you my pussy. Now, let me show you the special way that I like to put powder on the babie. I dirty talk to you as I ride your diaper until you have a truly embarrassing orgasm. Now that we’ve dealt with that pesky erection you’re free to wet your diaper, aren’t you? And that’s what’s going to make ME cum.
I bet you want to get out of that wet, dummy diaper, don’t you? Well, I want some more money. Diapers are expensive, as are naked women who will change you. Of course the babie doesn’t take off his own diaper. No more? Oh. Well, I guess you’re just going to have to stay in that diaper until your next paycheck comes

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