Humiliation POV - Princess Mabel - You're Still Right Where I Left You Five Years Ago - Asian Goddess

Added: 23-09-2021

Princess Mabel! This clip is Such a mindfuck. You're going to feel soooooo fucking stupid! This clip is a must have for you stupid fucks who are still addicted to Princess Mabel even though she hasn't made a new clip in over five years! LOL! But today you're sooooo lucky. Princess Mabel has made a brand new audio for you to jerk to! Along with a compilation of videos she made over five years ago! You still jerk to her, don't you loser? That's so sad. This new audio will fuck you up and make your Princess Mabel addiction even worse than it already is LOL!
Hey loser, I know you still jerk off to me. Do you know why that's so fucked up? Because I haven't made a new clip in over five years! And I know you know this, I know you know the exact amount of time it's been since my last clip because you're still soooo obsessed with me. You still check my store hoping to see a new one. You're so obsessed that you still check my Twitter regularly to see if I've made a post lol. You're just hanging on for a new picture, a new video, a new audio, anything at all to fuel your obsession with me.
My clips fucked you up so, so much, that five years later, you're still obsessing over me. I really fucked you up! LOL! And you still want to pay me. Or at least the younger version of me. The version of me that you still jerk off to. I stopped making clips over five years ago, I've completely left the femdom world. I don't even think about it any more. But you, you never left. You never stopped. Your life is exactly the same as it was five years ago. Can you believe it's been that long and you're Still obsessing over me? Not much has changed for you has it? That's so pathetic. You still spend hours jerking and obsessing over me. You're stuck, stuck in time, longing for something that doesn't exist any more. You're longing for a fantasy of me that only exists in your head. I don't even know who you are. All I know is that I fucked you up years ago and you're still conditioned to be a loser pay pig for me.
And here you are, still jerking to the younger version of me, the me that you're still obsessed with. And you get to hear my voice in this new audio, aren't you just so lucky? I know how badly you've wanted to hear my voice. Jerk to me five years ago idiot lol! Jerk that cock to me and pay Princess Mabel. You can still see Princess Mabel whenever you want, I know you still have my videos. And you can still pay Princess Mabel. Keep paying Princess Mabel, she never gets older online lol. You must feel so fucking stupid. But it is still me, I still get your money. Aren't you just so lucky that you still get to pay me? LOL!
Jerk to me, jerk to Princess Mabel. And pay Princess Mabel. Jerk and pay, jerk and pay. Because that is all that you're good for. I want you addicted and mindfucked and paying Princess Mabel for the rest of your life. You're never going to get over me loser. I have you wrapped around my little finger. I have you under my spell for the rest of your entire life. You cannot escape what I've done to your brain. You're so mindfucked that you never, ever want to get out of this trance. This is the only thing that gives you meaning. And you're just going to keep jerking and paying and jerking and paying. You're going to keep paying, even if I ignore you LOL! You're not going to get anything from me, but that won't stop you, you're just going to keep jerking and paying, jerking and paying, because I have you addicted and mindfucked forever. And now I've given you something new to continue to fuel your addiction to me. So go on, jerk to my voice, jerk to clips of me from over five years ago. Jerk and pay, jerk and pay, you little mindfucked loser.
Are you going to cum to the version of me from five years ago? Of course you are. Tell me what a fucking loser you are. Go on, say it, 'I'm a loser for Princess Mabel.' 'I'm addicted to Princess Mabel and I can't stop myself.' LOL! You fucking idiot!

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