EroticFemaleDomination - Breathtaking Chloe Cuckolds Losers For Fun

Added: 07-02-2016

Oh, there you are, pathetic little you, watching me as I grind on this guy’s cock! Yet, you’re so excited even though it’s not your cock! Sometimes I wonder if you’re really a faggot because you watch me with these other guys! Is it me you like or is it the other guys? Oh, you probably like watching other guys cock, don’t you? You little faggot! You’re such a little cuckold faggot! Pathetic little you just sitting there knowing that that’s the closest you’ll ever get to me… Is sitting there, watching me grind on other cock! Knowing that you’ll never get close enough to touch this body! You know I’d never fucking touch you! I would never climb on top of you in a million fucking years! And yet, you’re still sitting there, stroking your cock for me! Oh, probably stroking it in the same rhythm as I’m grinding on this guy’s big cock! Oh, yeah! Oh, you like it when I talk to you like that? You like how I tell you how I’m grinding on big fucking cock? A cock not close to the size of your teeny little pinkie dick! I like guys with big fucking hard cocks! Oh yeah! I like to grind on them and I like to fuck them… And I like to stroke them! So, you would never have a chance! You just get to sit there and watch me with those big cocks! It’s so funny watching you over there stroking your cock to this! Oh, yeah! Oh, you’re so sad that it’s not you! Oh, I would just laugh because I can just see right now, you’re stroking your cock but yet, you’re crying for me! You’re crying because you know you’ll never get close to Chloe! You’ll never get close to me! I can make you cum a million times and I don’t even have to be in the same city as you! How pathetic is that? I like it though! I like knowing that you cum all the time and I don’t have to do shit! I get to go out and find the guys that I wanna fuck and I get pleased all the time. And you’re just thinking about it and you cum in your pants! Oh, oh, boo-hoo! You’ll never get close to me! You just get to sit there and watch me fuck and grind and give lapdances! Oh, yeah! I actually get to make this guy cum! He doesn’t have to use his fucking hands like you do. No! He is gonna cum because I make him! I’m grinding all over his cock! I make him cum, not himself like your pathetic ass! He actually gets laid, unlike you! He gets pussy all the time! He gets my pussy all the time! Something you’ll never know yet you fucking like it, right? Do you imagine me fucking him? Is that what gets you off, huh? Huh? You’re just thinking about me getting fucked by some big dick? Oh, you’re dripping now, aren’t you? You’re just thinking about it! What if I acted if I was fucking right now? Oh! Oh, yeah! I like to get fucked by big cock! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, I like big cocks! Not little tiny cocks like you, no! I’ll never get fucking ten million feet from you! Not unless your dick grew like, ten inches! Because you don’t have anything, right? You don’t have anything. Oh, you’re so pathetic! The funny thing is… you came in the exact same time as he came but, the difference is, I made him cum! He didn’t have to jerk his cock like you did. He’s not a pathetic loser like you are! That’s why I play with him and not you, LOSER!

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