Club Stiletto - Mistress Keres - Kenny Sticks his dick in Mistress Keres

Added: 10-09-2023

Kenny was trained by the woman in his family and then sent to an arranged marriage with Mistress Keres who uses him as a slave and cuckold. Kenny hasn't fucked Keres in 2 years and today she has decided to give him the ultimate reward, a minute in her pussy. "Remember no coming in me though Kenny" she reminds him. "Who gets to cum in me?" she asks him. "Your boyfriend James" he replies. She reminds kenny that James has a black belt and a temper and he would not be happy to hear his lover has been fucking her husband.

After stroking his cock Keres get on top of kenny and slides his cock into her pussy. The sensation of having his cock in a pussy is almost more than poor Kenny can stand. He knows he can't cum though and he only gets one minute and maybe it's the last time it will ever happen. The pleasure, the agony. Keres gets off Kenny and rolls onto her back and lets him penetrate her again, a bonus minute. She spoils him. When the minute is up Keres tells Kenny to pull out and says he can stroke his dick and cum on her tits. Kenny strokes himself and eventually lets out a small cum load, not even strong enough to hit her tits. She laughs at his inadequacy. "I have a final surprise for you" she tells him and then calls "Jerry, get in here". Kenny's eyes bulge, he thought his cuz and competitor was gone and now he's about to come into the room. Keres is going to humiliate kenny further and let Jerry watch him lick up his own mess.

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