Angel The Dreamgirl - Give Me More! Cover Your Mom With Your Cum

Added: 17-05-2023

Your boy thinks that you are a very sexy step-mom and he likes your tight outfits - especially when you wear your tigh skirts.
He is watching you in your bedroom while you are dressing up. Now you want to show to him how do you look in your new skirt /wearing high heels, topless and no panties/ You are puting on the skirt with the camera capturing your ass and you are moving your hands around your ass while making sexy moves with your body. Your boy likes how you are showing him your skirt and he cant controll himself anymore and he cums a blast on you. That is the moment you was waiting for.
You move your hands around the wet spots on your skirt to spread them more and then starts the best tease part ever. I like the tease part from your video "The space lady" with the leggings and if you can do something simillar or partly simillar it will be great. Feel free to make interesting scene while you are wearing this skirt, you can unzip it pull it up or down, rub your pussy with it, show your ass...anything.
From POV you can straddle a little with the skirt to look more tighter - pic 2 I want to see something like pic 3 and you can include different angles not only close view - you decide. Of course while you are doing that you can be covered in a lot of cum. Before the tease or while it you can put your new satin tank top - the one from video 438 Irresistable atrraction, but when you put it on if it is possible to not tie it from the back - only to be tied from your neck as the idea is to stand freely in front, so you can touch your tits under it or to move it easier and show them. In case it is not ok to wear it, you can tie it from the back also. After this scene you boy comes to you.
The two of you are standing and he stands from the back - you are holding his cock /he can rub you from the back also/ and he is  grabs you tits under your tank top. Then you say that you need to wash yourself because you are all covered up /smiling/ and you invite him to wash you in the shower cabin.You are in the shower cabin. First you take the shower and make your tanktop wet /meanwhile you are moving your hands over your tits/
Then your you turn around and your man starts to shower your ass making your skirt wet. The water stops and then a short ass rubbing with the wet skirt to make his cock hard. Then you kneel and make him a nice blowjob in the cabin. You can take your tank off while making him the blowjob. Then you stand and you unzip your skirt pull it down around your knees and he starts to fuck you. Again the scene is up to you - you can change the pose or anything as long as the space allows. You can pull down the skirt to your feet if it is needed or to take it off. Just when he cums I want to cum on your skirt while you are wearing it or partly wearing it.
I have watched it and what can I say... you look sooo sexy and you have made this video with a lot of attention to the details that I dont have words to explain how good it is!!!!!!
Thank you again for the great video!!!
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