Mama Fiona - Bad Students Must Fuck

Added: 22-10-2023

You have a problem. You are a NAUGHTY boy who is always gettin himself into trouble and getting himself into detention, no matter HOW many times I try to teach you a lesson! Well silly boy it has finally come down to graduation and your life basically depends on whether or not I allow you to graduate!! But you refuse to behave. Probably because you know that boys that don’t behave… in this world…. Boys that don’t behave are summoned to FUCK their extremely hott teachers mercilessly, until I tell you I’m done!!!!! So hold tight - Because this super hott teacher is ready to absolutely FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!!!!
I get your cock all hard, and I mount you and fuck you for a LONG time. I oil up my titties, give your a titty job until you cum all over me. But I’m not through with you no way!!!! I ride you cowgirl, my swinging titties covered in cum just inches from your face. I bounce my round hott ass on your cock and grind into you, my hott body just slaying you from every single angle (and there are LOTS) I bounce ride suck and fuck you, covered in cum while I tell you how you deserved this punishment for being such a disobedient boy, and how I deserved to be fucked by a boy with such youthful energy, even if you WERE a bad boy! You mount me doggy and fuck me until you creampie my phat cunt and then I stand above you and allow you to watch me drip on the floor.
THERE. Maybe now you will behave? Or are you going to fail this grade AGAIN just so you can fuck me again??? 

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