ScarlettBelle - Cuckold Husband Compilation

Added: 22-09-2022

Part 1:  
We need to have a little chat about our sex life - it's just not doing it for me anymore. Your dick isn't big enough to satisfy me, and you never last long enough to even get me close to cumming!
You've probably noticed that I've been spending hours at the gym. It's not just because I'm working out - I met someone there, a real alpha type. Judging by the outline in his gym shorts, he has a massive cock.
I wanted to be honest with you and let you know that I'm fully planning to fuck him. I've suspected for a while that you're into the idea of me being with other men. You're a cuck, aren't you? You're getting hard right now just hearing me talk about flirting with him!
I don't want a divorce, I just want some satisfaction in bed. And since you can't provide that for me, I'm going to fuck someone who can. I might even find several fuck buddies! You can even help me get dressed up and ready to seduce them.
For now, I want you to practice jerking off for me instead of fucking me. I'm not taking disappointing, below average dicks anymore. You're just my jerk-off cuck now!
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Part 2:
Good news honey, I have a date scheduled with my new fuck buddy! I decided to do a bit of shopping to prepare for my date and I found some hot new lingerie sets to wear for him. None of this is for you, but I did use your credit card!
I'll show you everything you bought for me, from a sexy-yet-innocent set to a daring, slutty set that's sure to drive him wild.
You don't get to fuck me tonight, and I won't be interested in your dick anytime soon. This is all for me new lover to enjoy. You can practice jerking off to me because all you're getting for now is your own hand.
The best you can hope for is being allowed to watch while I fuck someone who actually deserves my pussy!
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Part 3:  
I've just come home from my first date with my new fuck buddy, and he absolutely blew my mind! We fucked for hours in every position, making me cum over and over again. His cock feels incredible inside me, and I'm not going to hold back any of the details!
This was exactly what I needed - a fantastic, fully satisfying lay. You just can't compete with him, sorry babe! His cock satisfies me so much more than yours ever could.
I even let him fuck me raw! I know this is all getting you worked up. I'm not going to let you fuck me, but I will let you jerk off while you clean up his mess. There's a huge load of cum in my pussy, and I want you to lick it all up!
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Part 4:  
I have some exciting news for you, babe! I decided to bring my new fuck buddy home from the gym today. That means you get to truly be my cuckold now. Just sit back and watch while I suck and fuck his alpha cock, letting him pound me raw in your bed.
You can stroke your dick while he fucks me, but no cumming until you've cleaned up the mess he left in my pussy!
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