Meana Wolf - Promotion - Cuckold

Added: 13-09-2021

This was literally the worst day ever. You were super grouchy because you’d been passed over for that promotion at work. It turns out Jack, your best friend at work got it instead. You were their “second choice”. Great. Jack is usually pretty cool… but he’s particularly smug tonight. He starts going on an on about this hot date he had last week with this broad who came like 8 times. And then she does it. Your wife openly admits that she can’t orgasm because of some kind of psychological block and he starts in on you like it’s your fault. So there he is, sitting on your couch, massaging your wife’s foot, and busting your balls because she can’t cum. He’s going on and on about the new promotion and all the great perks he’s going to get, and all the while he’s massaging further and further up her leg. She must of like it because she was moaning like it felt good. He says her inner thigh is really tight so his hand goes higher and higher… all the while you’re fuming. He keeps talking… and she keeps moaning… and then it’s clear. He’s got his fingers in her wet little pussy and she’s loving it…right in front of you. That asshole. “I’ll make you a deal. If I can’t make your wife cum, I’ll step down and the promotion will be all yours”. You and your wife are shocked. But you know she can’t cum… she won’t cum…there’s just no way. This could be your shot. She moans “Maybe we should let him try baby?”
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