Natalie Mars, Adult Diaper - Baby Natalie’s Playtime with Mommy

Added: 07-04-2019

Baby Natalie is an obedient and well-trained little diaper girl who does whatever her sweetly domineering Mommy (Penny Barber) says. The scene starts with Natalie napping in bed, in her cute, girly little room, only to be awakened by Mommy asking her if her diaper is wet. Being the age regressed and un-potty trained diaper baby that Natalie’s been trained to be, of course it is. Mommy decides it’s time for a change and tells Natalie to get on the floor so she can clean her up, which she obediently does without a fuss. Opening Natalie’s diaper, Mommy finds the 14 inch long toy exactly where she left it – buried to the base in Natalie’s little bottom. She proceeds to play with it for a bit before deciding Natalie needs some play time on her rocking horse – but not just a normal old rocking horse, of course, but one that drives that same, long, ribbed toy in and out of Natalie’s butt as she rides it, all the while being given words of encouragement by her Mommy. Once it’s been decided that Natalie’s had enough play time for today, Mommy proceeds to put her in a fresh diaper – wiping up all the gooey mess from the toy, powdering her bottom, then securing the tapes in place. Mommy points out that Natalie’s behind has been left empty, which is out of the ordinary, so instead she’s going to need to be put in some cute, locking plastic pants to make up for it. And there’s another special reason she needs to be locked in her diaper – because Mommy has some errands to run and Baby Natalie is going to be left with a babysitter – and Mommy doesn’t want anyone changing her diapers but Her. Once that’s all taken care of, it’s feeding time for Natalie. Mommy takes out her beautiful, large breasts and cradles Natalie as she suckles, drinking all the yummy milk from Mommy’s boobies. After all, Mommy wants to make sure Natalie needs to pee lots and lots so that her diaper is totally soaked by the time she gets home. Have fun with your babysitter, Natalie!

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