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Added: 22-10-2020

PART 1: There are few things more embarrassing for a young man than being naked in front of fully clothed women and having their youthful penis and testicles examined. Poor Peter is about to experience the horror and humiliation of having his privates scrutinised over and over again. He'll soon wish he'd paid more attention to his work while he still had the chance.

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+ part 2

PART 2: Peter's cousin and the other girls mercilessly taunt the poor lad about the size of his penis. Their mocking laughter fills his ears and reduces him to tears. But if he thought that was bad, the following day is going to be even more of a shock. His auntie Ruth marches him to one of the teachers at school - determined to get professional help for his "growth problem."

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+ part 3

PART 3: Peter isn't sure who's worse, the intimidating Doctor Heinz, or the giggling nurse Cheryl. Having to strip totally naked in front of them all is harrowing enough, without having his youthful penis and testicles examined. Little does he realise that this is just the beginning of his ordeal.

File Name : 11___peters-story-3_saf_4
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Duration: 00:09:27
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+ part 4

PART 4: Doctor Heinz and her assistant Cheryl are used to dealing with problem young men like Peter. For them it's perfectly normal to strip a lad naked and manipulate his genitals. But to Peter it's the most excruciatingly embarrassing experience of his entire life. And the doctor has been known to fly into a rage if her patients don't comply with her every demand.

File Name : 11___peters-story-4
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+ part 5

PART 5: Peter’s treatment at Doctor Heinz’s surgery has begun – and it looks like the young lad will have to endure it on a regular basis from now on. It’s expensive and his auntie Ruth wonders if it will be successful. She decides to call on some of the other mothers from school to get their opinions on the size of Peter’s penis.

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Duration: 00:08:42
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+ part 6

PART 6: In a quiet suburban house in an ordinary street, something very strange is going on behind closed doors. Young Peter has been ordered to strip naked and present his penis for examination by the assembled housewives. The women are only too keen to see it and offer their advice to his auntie – all completely oblivious to how humiliated they are making him feel.

File Name : 11___peters-storydfgjsaf
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 295 MB
Duration: 00:09:16
Video: AVC, 960 x 540, 25.000 FPS, 4376 kb/s
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