CfnmTV - The New Teacher Takes Over Part 1-6

Added: 14-03-2020

Headmaster Martin Tildesley is interviewing for a new deputy. He needs someone he can rely on the ease the burden of running the school. Petra Gloria seems to be the ideal candidate – experienced, meticulous and easy on the eye. With her emphasis on stern discipline, perhaps she can help him deal with the school’s most troublesome pupil.

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Headmaster Martin is used to being in charge. It’s normally he who dishes out the spankings. But Petra has put an end to his rule and decides to show him who is now in control. There’s little the man can do but accept his punishment and thank her for it.

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Petra now has two naked men totally under her power. The new teacher is enjoying herself immensely but isn’t finished yet. She wants to be sure that neither of her two playthings will forget their experiences in the cramped office.

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Petra is pleased with herself. Having made Robert ejaculate and watched with amusement as he scampered off to his next lesson, she’s now turning her full attention to Martin. It’s time to negotiate the terms of her new contract with the school!

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