CfnmTV - St.Dunstan’s: David’s Lockeroom Surprise Part 1-3

Added: 17-03-2019

In the rough and tumble world of St Dunstan’s, those who aren’t the best at sports often get picked on by the other boys. But it isn’t just the other lads that young men like David Frome need to watch out for. The girls can be just as scary – especially when they catch a boy all on his own and totally vulnerable…

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David doesn’t have much experience with girls and when Chloe and Lisa start taking charge he doesn’t know what to do. He’s very uncomfortable with the way they openly grope him. But he’s too intimidated to put up much resistance. Besides, they are first-aiders so must know what they are doing mustn’t they?

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Naive young David is out of his depth. He doesn’t understand what’s going on and Chloe and Lisa are taking full advantage of him. He’s so scared of getting into trouble with one of the teachers that he daren’t cross them. But as things get ever more uncomfortable for the lad he starts to worry just how far these two plan on going.
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