Cfnmtv - Going for the Gold (Part 1-5)

Added: 21-01-2019

Olympic athletes must surrender so much in order to reach that one shining moment of glory. Even though young men who aspire to compete for the gold are at their sexual peaks, every moment of their day must be dedicated to training their bodies for the big event. Some find the stress too much and are left floundering in the deep end. Others are lucky enough to have a trainer who is dedicated enough to do whatever it takes to get them to the top.

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An athlete’s success depends not only on his or her hard work, but also the team of people they have around them. Young Steve is very lucky to be under the care of one of the country’s top female doctors – Dr Stevens. She takes a no nonsense approach to her work and sometimes her methods can be a little unorthodox…

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This certainly isn’t the kind of medical that Steve was expecting! Not only has he been stripped stark naked and his penis and testicles examined, but his tender anus has been probed both by the doctor AND his trainer! This really is totally unacceptable to the proud athlete – but if he refuses to cooperate he may never achieve his goals…

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The doctor’s offer to give Mr Hastings the same treatment as Steve is just too good for him to refuse. It takes him less than a fraction of a second to say yes and he immediately starts stripping off in preparation for his turn on the treatment table.

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PART 5: With all his focus on his training, Olympic swimmer Steve has been neglecting his girlfriend. His coach knows that the emotional stress of relationship problems could affect his performance. There must be a way to bring Steve and Hannah back together and also continue Dr Stevens' good work...

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