CfnmTV - The Initiation Part 1-6

Added: 06-06-2018

PART 1: No women may enter the gateway to St Johns. The strictly all-male environment is protected from female distractions. The boys inside denied all contact with women, leaving them hopelessly inexperienced and naive. Nervous Geraint is about to have is first experience of nudity in the presence of women – and it’s going to completely blow his mind…

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“A Fullingdon pledge must prove himself worthy to the club by impressing his superiors in a way that shows his ability to stand proud above inferior beings, demonstrating unwavering devotion to the Fullingdon rules of elitism” So are written the rules that young Geraint must follow – no matter how big the cost to his dignity…

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PART 3: The inexperienced young lad doesn't know how to react. The women are all so tough and scary looking - not to mention totally confident now he is in their domain. With the two older boys outside he can't simply run away so he's trapped in the grubby room. For the cleaners it's a fantastic opportunity to torment the type of rich kid whose filth they normally have to clean up.

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The council estate girls are not pleased to see these posh boys on their turf – swanning around the place like they own it. What are they up to, looking into one of the classrooms and pissing themselves with laughter? The girls think it’s time to investigate and show these toffs who’s in charge around here!

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PART 5: For the female delinquents and cleaners today is a dream come true. All their lives they have been told they are inferior to the posh boys and must show them appropriate respect. But Jonathan, Philip and Geraint have made a big mistake coming here - where they are away from the safety of their school and outnumbered. And they are about to find out just how sadistic these women can be...

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PART 6: In the grubby classroom the boys are totally surrounded by the terrifying schoolgirls and older working class women. They are outnumbered and there's no escape from their utter humiliation. The women are just starting to get into their strides and have plenty more to show these lads what it's like to be worthless nothings...

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