CFNM - Ivan Mraz - Photoshoot

Added: 01-10-2015

Description: Ivan Mraz has a sexy girl into the studio, for a photoshoot. He starts off by posing her and taking a few shots. The girl makes sure that the photos are going to be only for her, and Ivan suggests that the shoot can be erotic. Ivan has the girl remove her top, but before they go any further she tells him that he probably tries the same routine on all the girls. Then she has an idea and blindfolds Ivan. She then instructs Ivan to remove his undershirt, showing off his sexy chest. The girl starts to feel his hot body, slapping on the chest. Then she pulls Ivan's shorts down and grabs his cock. She slaps around a little, and continues hitting his chest. She also pulls on Ivan's nipples before going down and nibbling at Ivan's cock, pulling it and slapping it too. Ivan moans a little as she plays, biting the cock and balls. As Ivan's cock starts to grow the girl also licks it and wanks on it. That cock soon gets very hard indeed. Clearly Ivan is enjoying what she is doing. Her mouth closes tight around the cock and she sucks it really well. Ivan has the blindfold removed and sits backwards on the chair, trapping his throbbing cock back between his legs, with his hot ass hole showing. The girl fetches a butt plug and starts probing that hot hole with it. Ivan asks her to stop, but the girl takes no notice, pushing the red rubber into his hole. It goes in, all the way and stays there as she spanks Ivan's ass and then licks and bites at his cock again. Then she grabs the butt plug and fucks it in and out of Ivan's tight hole. His cock stays rock hard all the while, even though he is moaning as his hole is stretched. Next the girl puts on a strap on and starts to fuck Ivan's ass, deep and hard. She rams the rubber cock into his ass, working it in and out, turning him over too and continuing to fuck. That rubber dick goes in so deep and Ivan grabs his stiff cock and starts to wank it. The the girl sits and the chair and has Ivan slide his hot ass down on her rubber cock. He rides up and down on that cock, as the girl wanks him. Then Ivan has to kneel on the floor and shoot his hot load into the girl's hand. She catches the creamy load and wipes it all over Ivan's face to complete a very hot scene.

File Name : CFNM_-_Phot-femd
Format : MPEG-4
File Size : 777 MB
Resolution : 1280 x 720
Duration : 00:35:01



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