Ballbusting Beauties - Mistress Rocky Emerson - Blue Balled then Locked Up

Added: 08-04-2021

Mistress Rocky Emerson calls her slave to crawl over to her so they can play a little game.  Today she is in the mood to tease her slave and has devised the perfect way to make him suffer.  She's decided he hasn't been locked-up in quite some time but before she just throws the chastity cage on him, she wants to give him a nice, big pair of swollen balls.....And Mistress Rocky's favorite way to do that is ballbusting! Wearing just a bikini and high heels to show off her incredibly sexy body and long legs, it doesn't take long before her slave is already growing an erection from the mental and physical Mistress Rocky is imparting on him.  She can't but laugh at his pain and frustrations as she puts him in various positions to blast his balls with kick after kick.  Her slave is eager to please her and endures as much as he can take and can't help his cock from leaking precum.  In between the kicks, she graciously allows him to worship her feet and inspects his growing balls with some squeezes and slaps to ensure that he will be properly blue-balled before the lock clicks on his cock cage for good!!

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