The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Mia - Come Relax In My Special Slave Chair (1080 HD)

Added: 08-01-2021

So I had one of My slaves build a special chair from steel that is perfect for restraining losers in any number of different ways. And the slave that I always like beating the best is My old ass geezer slave as it constantly drives Me crazy in one way or another. Here, Princess Mia and I too the old ass down to the basement in the Manor and strapped the old asshole into the chair and had Our way with it.
Watch as We get this old man set up for an all time epic Mean Girl Beatdown beating all over the front of its body as this chair makes it super easy to do so. We both have access to its tiny little cock to stemp on and crush, as well as its chest, legs, arms and head… We use paddles, crops, whips, canes, and even Our stilletos to hurt and ruin this sad thing. And you see its head bobble around like a broken doll as it cries out in pain.
See, what better Christmas present is there from a slave, than a device made to hurt and destroy the slaves themselves? Perfect on-going mindfuck of Our property and alongside an asskicking or ten to boot. Get the clip now to watch old man geezer receive one of the fiercest ass kickings of his time at the Mean Girl Manor
– Goddess Platinum
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