The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - In Hot Water Again (1080 HD) - Ballbusting

Added: 31-10-2020

I swear this fat, useless slave is soooooo stupid. He can never do anything right.

Sometimes I wonder why I even keep this loser as my slave… But then I remember how much I love beating him and kicking him in his giant balls all the time. You know when I first decided to claim this slave, his balls weren’t this big. I think they stay a little more perma swollen every time I SMASH THEM WITH MY FEET REPEATEDLY! LOL!!!!

I bet you’re wondering what this fuck-up did this time… It’s more like what didn’t he do. Ugh!!! This lazy ass knew I had a hot date with this super sexy, insanely ripped REAL MAN, who also happens to have A HUGE COCK. He knew I wanted to spend all day getting ready to make sure I look perfect, LIKE ALWAYS… and he knew the hot water heater needed to be fixed last night. But do you think his pea sized brain could figure it out? NOPE! This walrus looking mofo probably didn’t even try to fix it, he was probably too busy stuffing his fat ugly face with food like always.

Once again I have to teach him a lesson. I need to make sure he FEELS how upset and disappointed I am AGAIN. I figured maybe if I kick him in the balls hard enough, just maybe his brain will start to work. Lol!!! I’m sure he’s too brain dedd for it to work but at least I can take all my anger out by busting his balls and I will be in amazing mood by the time my hot date picks me up.

Watch this clip to see if I actually kick some sense into him or break his balls right off by cunt punting him so hard. Hahaha

– Goddess Platinum

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