BestFemdom - Mistress Ariel - Tormented By Mistress Ariel

Nordic blonde Mistress Ariel dominates big slave david for 42 minutes. Lots of high heel worship and torment and humiliation as She puts him in pantyhose and ties up his cock and balls tight. She kicks him repeatedly in the nuts and makes him worship Her beautiful feet and toes before trampling him. Mistress Ariel lights up a smoke and gazes into the camera. This blonde beauty then dominates the big slave under Her six inch high heels. Standing over him he is obliged to lick the bottom of Her shoes clean. She drops to his chest and slaps him silly and then kicks his balls over and over. She squats and smothers his face as She unwraps a pair of beige pantyhose and starts to put them on him. The slave puts on his pantyhose as Mistress Ariel removes Her top. Her nipples protrude obscenely from the black bra. She takes off Her shoes and makes him smell the inside of each. Her bare feet find his face and rub and caress his face. She starts to face slap him with Her feet harder and harder until She is punishing him under Her soles. She removes Her black panties and stuffs them into his mouth and then her feet begin work on his cock. Mistress Ariel spreads Her long legs out on the slave, one on his face the other on his cock trapped in the beige pantyhose. She picks up the vibrator and gets Herself off as She rubs Her nylon covered feet on him. She drops Her ass on his face and slaps his cock and balls and then orders him to stand and ties them up tight with a pair of pantyhose. His arms and elbows are tied behind with more pantyhose and a pair go over his head encasing him fully. She spanks him with the slapper and then torments his cock more before going back and spanking him some more. A hard spanking and lots of ball kicking front and back are in store for this bound slave. He is kicked over and over between the legs. She starts slowly but winds up hurting him pretty bad. She orders him to kneel and he cleans Her sweaty armpits off with his tongue. She bends and orders him to kiss Her pantyhose covered ass when he is finished. Lots of trample for the big slave as Mistress Ariel climbs up on his chest and makes him strain under Her 135lb weight. She drops on his face and smothers him for a bit and then tramples him some more holding a pantyhose leash around his neck. She squats on his face and torments his cock and balls at the end.

Format : MPEG-4
File Size : 349 MB
Duration : 52min 8s
Video: AVC, 640x360, 30.000 fps, 800 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 128 Kbps


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