FetishNetwork - Mistress Vanessa Vixon has Found Another Pair of Balls for her Collection

Added: 30-10-2015

Vanessa Vixen and Lance Hart work together. He recently got put on a project that she really wanted so she confronts him at work. She knows that he's always been lustful for her but he doesn't know about her sadistic side. Vanesa tells Lance in a flirty way that she's going to hurt him very badly if he doesn't give her the new project. He's reluctant at first. When she drives her pantyhose covered foot into his balls, he starts to become more compliant. Vanessa starts to get turned on the more she torments Lance. She sits on his lap and gets flirty. She can't resist slapping his balls at the same time. Poor Lance doesn't know what to do. She's starting to like him. She tells him that he needs to have dinner with him or else! The story continues with Lance and Vanessa at dinner. While he gets up to get her a napkin and check on the roast, she drops something into his drink. As soon as her special juice sinks in, she sits on his lap and tells him her favorite fetish: She collects male genitalia. She's going to castrate him and cut off his dick to add to her extensive collection. When Lance wakes back up, he's tied to the wall and she's kneeing him in the nuts. She loves femdom CBT play. Vanessa is getting more turned on by the idea of adding his nice set to her collection. She teases him with her body, pulls off his boxer briefs and plays with his cock and balls with her feet while she smiles and talks about cutting his dick off. Eventually she leaves him tied to the wall with sore balls so she can change into something else. Vanessa returns to Lance. He's still tied up on the wall. Now she's wearing a tight leotard and black fishnets. At first he starts to try to talk sense into her, but he quickly see's that she's serious about her plan when she starts kneeing and kicking his balls. Her knees and kicks are much harder in this episode. She's not playing around anymore. Her goal is to make him beg her to cut off his cock and balls and end the pain. She tells him all about her collection of dicks she has at home, knees him, slaps his balls, then leaves him tied up for a while. Vanessa returns in a sexy school girl outfit with white pantyhose. Now it's getting serious. She wants him to decide which gets removed first, his cock or his balls? She teases him with her body a little bit to remind him of what. Eventually she breaks him to a point where he actually asks her to cut his balls off! Poor guy. Mistress Vixen decides to give him a mean handjob before he loses his member.

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