Club Stiletto - Princess Mia and Mercy Rage - The Small Balls Clinic

Added: 19-10-2023

DescriptionHere we go again, another adventure in the Club Stiletto Clinic where western medicine is never considered when treating patients. These treatments have all been formulated right here at Club Stiletto. Today, the nurses are Princess Mia and Mistress Mercy. Interns actually but the Doctor couldn't make it today so they will take care of things. As the scene opens the patient is mumbling to himself about how expensive the treatments are and he sees no noticeable difference in the size of his balls. His small balls have turned his wife off so much that she has had to take on numerous lovers including Doctor Julio who works right at the clinic. How humiliating. The patient is talking to himself out loud about his wife and the doctor when Mia and Mercy walk in. Mia recognizes the patient and whispers to Mercy that he is Sharon's husband. "Oh yes, the one with small balls" Mercy says, telling him that everyone in the clinic always talks about his small balls. "We know you wife is fucking Doctor Julio" Mia says. "He said he wouldn't tell anyone" the patient says angrily. "He didn't tell anyone, your wife did" Mercy responds and everyone laughs... well, except the husband, lol. Mia tells him he is lucky having such a hot wife. "Even we have made out with her" Mercy says and the patient turns a few shades redder in the face. She then tells him she just saw Doctor Julio naked so she thinks his wife is probably there right now. "I think my balls are even smaller" the patient says and Mercy says they will need a larger 'dose' of treatment. Suddenly Doctor Julio walks in naked and the girls smile at his studly body and good looks. The Doctor says "Oh yes, small balls, I'm about to fuck your wife." Mia tells the patient that Doctor Julio was once a patient as well but now his balls are huge. Wink! Wink!  Encouraged the patient decides that the unorthodox treatment that is unfolding in front of him is worth the suffering. The nurses proceed to 'treat' the patient and then suddenly they hear Doctor Julio in the distance fucking Sharon. The nurses decide to go join Doctor Julio and Sharon. They tell the patient to relax until they get back... clothes pins cover his balls. Read More
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