TamyStarly CBT and Bootjobs - Nightclub Mistress Revenge in Leather Knee Tank Heels Boots

Added: 25-02-2024

I wasn't expecting to see you coming back here again, to my club... Not after what happened the last time.Maybe you don't remember, but you dared to slap my ass when I told you not to. You laughed at that with your stupid friends.But that was two years ago and many things changed. I feel vindictive and I want to give you back what you did to me, but hundreds of time harder.I not only work on this nightclub but, since last year I am the new owner, which means I make the rules. I'm aware you have a family, but nobody else knows you come here and spend your family's savings on drinks and girls. However, I know about it, and if you don't want me to reveal everything to your family, you will need to obey me.You will soon realize that I am not a typical pool dancer but also a cruel Mistress.I want your dick to be squeezed under my super tank soles while it makes that crunchy sound. I want to see my heels disappearing in your ball sack and cover your genitals with one... or maybe two boots at once, without touching the ground.I will allow you to moan from time to time. Additionally, I command you to admire and praise my sexy high-knee leather boots. I am certain that later on, they will need to be cleaned by some volunteers' tongue.Welcome to my nightclub, where everything that happens inside stays within these walls.
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