Club Stiletto - Mistress Kassy - To the Basement Sinner

Added: 25-02-2024

Johnny has been horrible in class, so much bigger than the other students, he's constantly terrorizing everyone. Head instructor Nun Kassy has had no choice but to take him to the basement of the church where she now has him collared and naked. Johnny might have thought he was living out some sort of fantasy but that all comes crashing down on him as Kassy delivers a couple hard kick to his balls. "You can't do this, this isn't legal" Johnny cries but Kassy tells him things haven't changed in the church in thousands of years. She resumes kicking him in the nuts and soon he is pleading with her saying he won't misbehave again. "Remember that other boy that was misbehaving a few weeks ago?" she asks him, adding "Didn't you wonder why he became an absolute saint?" Ohh, now Johnny gets it.Kassy explains that the other boy had his balls busted and he was placed in permanent chastity. Now johnny is really fretting, he doesn't want to be in chastity as he's a chronic masturbater. Kassy tells him to count down 10 of her hardest kicks. When she is done she tells him to fall to the ground and to kiss her feet. "The priest was kissing those half an hour ago, I have to bust his balls all the time too" she explains. She orders Johnny back to his feet and squeezes his balls and then slaps them. These are always the problem, maybe you need to be castrated" she tells him. "Tomorrow everyone will wonder why you're such a saint" she tells him before looking at the camera and adding "Except the other half of the class that I have punished previously." Kassy tells Johnny to turn away from her so she can kick his balls from behind. She tells him after she is done with him that she wants him to go to confession and then tells him to get on all fours and when she kicks him to oink like "a fucking pig". She kicks, he oinks, she laughs, and this carries on for a while. "You've been masturbating a lot haven't you?" she asks Johnny and says that is the first thing he should mention at confession and to tell the priest that she is taking care of it by putting him in permanent chastity. She looks at the camera and says "But don't feel bad, he's in chastity too." She continue to kick Johnny's balls. What a blessing Kassy is to this fine institution.  More
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