The Fetish Couple - Nurse's Brutal Attention in Three Wedges - Close Up - Censored

Added: 18-09-2023

I’m wearing my new nurse outfit and for my medical treatment I’m going to brutally and savagely destroy my slaves manhood beneath three different pairs of wedges! I know he’s already a bit warmed up from my last clip and now I’m getting straight to the carnage! I start with some heavy wedge marching, which quickly escalates into some very extreme stomping. My slaves balls are Completely crushed to a pulp beneath my entire weight! He cries out in pain, I smile and laugh then continue! My next pair of shoes are a brand new pair of very unforgiving white wedges. I literally can’t feel anything beneath me in these shoes and they crush whatever is in there way. I STOMP and MARCH with all my weight, and zero care for the damage I cause. Everything is crushed, from heel stomps landing on each testicle to his cock head crushed beneath these soles! My slave’s balls become swollen and distorted as the clip progresses, but I still have more in store for him. I finish with yet another pair of wedges and go absolutely berserk on him! I stomp incredibly hard directly down on his balls and it’s amazing they don’t explode under such extreme pressure! I jump with my entire weight over and over, carelessly destroying his manhood. I twist and grind so much, you can literally see a layer of skin peel of his testicles! I love the leave him so damaged and destroyed! This Clip had to have two minutes censored out at the end for compliance. But I always keep the full version as well ;)
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 1,32 GB | 00:23:03


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