She Owns Your Manhood - Teacher Seduction

Added: 26-05-2023

Lance and Star 9 are both teachers at the same school. Lance had asked Star on a date, and they have met in her classroom before they go out. He is clearly excited, and has wanted her for a long time. Star is just excited to have a new play toy to break...
Star tells Lance to have a seat in one of her student's desks, and she drives her high heel shoe into his crotch slowly, leaving it there and giggling, looking into his eyes while he squirms.
She continues to seduce Lance into some very very sensual ball squeezing, kissing him while she crushes his balls, pinning him against the chalkboard. If he wants to be with her, he is going to have to learn to take some ...
Lance returns to his new crush, Star. He is infatuated with her ever sense she dominated him. This time she kisses him, then pushes him away so she can kick him hard in the balls. She smiles sweetly while he crumbles to the ground, then seduces him to stand back up to take more...
After some hard kicks and knees, lance is on his back with his pants around his ankles. Star puts her pantyhose covered foot in his mouth, then her high heel into his balls. “I just want to pop them...” she says sweetly, standing over him with his soft bruised manhood until her shoe... “But I guess if I pop them, I won't be able to bust them any more... We are just going to have to do this again, and again, and again...”

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