Club Stiletto - Lady Bellatrix - The Trampling and CBT Experience

Added: 17-03-2023

Sexy but cruel Lady Bellatrix decides to enhance the trample experience for her slave by having him insert his cock and balls through the CBT box while in the trample box. Now she has a firm place to stand to trample not only his torso but his cock and balls as well. Bellatrix has this poor bitch crying like a baby in no time but he's all locked down and not going anywhere. She starts with 7" stilettos and when she places the heel on the slaves balls he knows 'good times' are on the way. She steps on his cock with one shoe and places the heel in his balls at the same time. She then brings the heel down on the tip of his cock which really makes him yelp. She then raises one leg in the air and places all her weight on the sole of the other show which just happens to be right on his nuts. She makes him say he is her bitch and he struggles to get it out because of the pain he is enduring. He's really suffering. Bellatrix then steps up and places both shoes on his chest before bringing one shoe down on his face. She then turns to his cock and balls again and steps on them with both shoes. She then stomps on his balls and he cries out in pain. Through this scene Lady Bellatrix does her best to mark his torso and cock before finally taking the shoes off so she can jump on him in bare feet and pinch his balls with her toes. Not before he has to lick his ball sweat of the soles of the shoes though. If you dream of suffering to a truly cruel woman that just laughs at your pain you will love this clip.
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