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Added: 11-09-2015

Young blonde Mistress Mika takes a 48 minute exploratory voyage of Her sadistic side with slut tosha a willing participant. He lays legs splayed below Her as She uses Her seven inch heels on him. A whip, wooden paddle, nipple clamps and some electric play are in store for the pathetic male. The young Mistress goes topless after exerting Herself with the whip and his sad eyes take in Her beauty as She belittles him constantly. Blonde Mistress Mika has slut tosha splayed on his back legs akimbo. He is dressed up for Her in his slut wear and think he is making Her hot. On the contrary, She thinks he is a sick slut, which of course he is, with no outlet for his desires. She does not intend to help him but wants to belittle him. She verbally abuses him and then uses Her seven inch high heels and the hard wooden paddle to reinforce the face She has no use for him and only tolerates him because giving him pain is Her pleasure. She kicks him in the balls and then puts him in the rack with a hood over his ugly old face and uses the clover clamps on his puffy old nipples. With Her little slut locked in the standing rack, Mistress Mika is free to torment his saggy nipples, kick him in the balls with Her spikes and hit him with Her wooden paddle. The bitch young blonde does some experimenting. Only Her second time letting Her sadistic streak show She has no emotion and no pity for the pitiful old creature with the saggy balls and big cock with the cigarette burn on the top of the tip. She finds him truly disgusting and it shows. She uses Her whip on him and he can not seem to be hurt. He will do anything to please his Mistress, saying thanks you to Her over and over in his mindless pathetic manner. She does not want thanks, She wants him hurt. Mistress Mika has pounded away on the bound sluts saggy ass with not much effect using the red whip. She uses the hard wooden paddle and gets a lot better results. His sharp intake of breath and a bit of life show he is not the wooden dummy he appears to be. Mistress Mika gets a good workout hitting the silent slut right in the ass over and over using one and then both arms. She decides to fluff up his nipples a bit and take a break. Producing the cupping gun, She attaches cups to his nipples, making them appear gigantic. She removes Her shirt and leans in close so the ugly pig can smell Her young body and feel the heat from the exertion of whipping his bitch ass. A now topless Mistress Mika flaunts Her hard young body in front of the listless bound submissive. He seems shy to see Her young nubile body and She embarrasses him further telling how sick and repulsive he is to one so beautiful as She. She uses the electric current to shock his cock and balls. He seems to enjoy the pain and is willing to do whatever She wants to continue to gaze at Her tight body and perky natural breasts. Her nipples harden as She puts a mouse trap right above the burnt cock head and strings weights to his balls bound in the parachute harness. She whips him some more and then is simply done with him. He is back inside his own lonely self.

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