ClubStiletto - Lady Bellatrix - You came for It

Added: 09-01-2023

Lady Bellatrix is reuniting with slave johnny for the first time in a few years. She enters the room for the touching reunion and she runs to him and kicks him in the balls causing him to almost collapse. "Did you miss me?" she asks him. "Yes my Queen" he replies. Bellatrix then takes the slaves balls in her hands and squeezes them before running her nails across his body and pinching his nipples. She quickly kicks him in the balls again and again and this time brings him to his knees.Lady Bellatrix is called the Queen of Mean for a reason and along with harsh kicking, she knees the slave, slaps him and spits on him. The slave falls to the floor again after a volley of kicks and this time she tells him to kiss her feet while he is down there. She then orders him onto all fours so she can kick him from behind. Two more hard kicks and again he is on the floor crying. She asks him if he wishes he'd stayed home and he says no. "Of course not, you came for the pain" she replies. Bellatrix is not finished with the slave though, she makes him stand up again and this time kicks him as hard as she possibly can, again and again and again. If you like severe ballbusting you'll love this clip.
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