American Mean Girls - Princess Amber, Princess Ava - Beta Patrol

Added: 16-09-2022
American Mean Girls - Princess Amber, Princess Ava - Beta Patrol

Princess Amber is sitting at home on her throne while her pathetic foot bitch worships her. It’s not long before Amber notices that this freak DOESN’T have a chastity cage on!!!! (Every hot girl knows its the ONLY thing that makes them feel safe around betas) Hot people everywhere would be OFFENDED!!!!
So Princess Amber does what ANY hot girl would do in this situation. She calls the Beta Patrol! Its a special unit that strictly deals with betas who misbehave and step outta line. Princess Ava has recently become a member of the Beta Patrol Squad and gets assigned to the house call at Mean Girl Manor. Princess Amber is clearly upset from the situation. (Like who does this beta think he is??? Groveling at a hot girls feet without chastity? Ew!) Luckily for Amber, Princess Ava knows just how to deal with this lunatic and is more than happy to assist Princess Amber to neutralize the threat.
Ava gets in this losers face and beats it down verbally before swinging her leg back and BUSTING its balls as HARD as she can! The thrust from her kick is so POWERFUL that the beta goes down RIGHT away! But this is NOT Ava’s first day on the job, she knows that you MUST kick these betas REPEATEDLY to really install the fear into them. Princess Amber gets relief after every kick this beta’s balls take. Ava is VERY good at her job and takes these matters very seriously. That’s why Ava encourages Princess Amber to take a turn crushing the balls of this loser, so it ALSO knows that Princess Amber can EASILY break it before any authorities arrive.
Once this freak cannot get up anymore, Princess Ava takes this opportunity to cuff it and leave it locked up for the night until Princess Amber can get a more PERMENANT chastity on it.
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