Club Stiletto - Queen Misha, Princess Mia - Battered Balls

Added: 12-09-2022

The sexy young duo of Queen Misha and Princess Mia combine in this scene to inflict some serious damage to their slaves cock and balls. The scene opens with the Ladies squeezing the slaves balls and yanking on their dicks. Both are wearing boots and they decide to kick the slaves in the balls with them for starters. Both slaves yelp out in pain. Mia takes off her boots and the camera person smartly comes down from below giving you an upward view of her delicious big ass. Along with more kicking the girls now start slapping the slaves privates which really gets the poor bitches jumping. Now Misha removes her boots and the two try to outdo each other with repeated kicks to their slaves balls. The noise builds as does the intensity and soon it is non-stop kicking and slapping. Mia comments that the slaves must like it because they haven't collapsed to the floor yet, the fact their arms are suspended above their heads is irrelevant, lol. If you like seeing cocks and balls battered non-stop this is the clip for you. Finally tired, the ladies decide to go for a drink on the patio, the slaves are left bound, ready to be used for whoever crosses their path next. There's always women lurking at the CS compound.
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