Maya Sin - Mistress Maya Sin, Mistress Melisande, Lady Perse - Genital inspection

Added: 27-12-2021

There is something wrong with Mistress Maya Sin's slaves’ dick so he is due for a thorough inspection. She has asked two of her friends, Mistress Melisande Sin and Mistress Perse, to consult on this case. The slave is put and secured on the gyn chair and the inspection can begin. First impression, his dick is not big enough. Let’s see how it responds to stimulation. The Mistresses bind his dick, play with his balls and then they use the pin-wheel. For some reason that causes pain in the slave and he doesn’t like when a gloved finger finds its way into his butthole. Regardless, Mistress Maya Sin and her mistress friends have a lot of fun teasing and tormenting the slave that is completely under their power.
Enough with the external inspection, they move on to the internal inspection. The poor slave had never had a urethral sound used on him so he looks scared when he sees the bead-shaped urethral. Yes, that one is going into your dick. Shut up and do not resist or it is going to hurt even more. In and out and in an out the sound goes. The patient is clearly in discomfort but this treatment is an important part of a thorough genital inspection. He better get used to it.
After inspecting the inside and the outside the Mistresses conclude that the dick does not have visible problems, it should be able to perform, especially with the visual helps he gets from the Mistresses' appearances. Let us see if he is man enough to come for them ..

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