Dreamgirls In Socks - Mikaila and Nina's Netflix Session - Shoes Worship

Added: 05-07-2021

Mikaila and Nina were both willing to give me another shot at this sixty minutes sweaty sock challenge, but as long as they could both watch Netflix with their sweaty socks and feet on my face the whole time! They have both been wearing the same pair of socks for a little over a week, so it feels like I will have to act as a footrest for over an hour, while they relax, drink white, and watch Netflix! Mikaila said it’s probably one of the best jobs in the world! She really loves being paid to watch Netflix, and relax with a human footrest! How could we blame her? Nina also has a very demanding job, so her socks and feet really smell awful after a long day inside her Converse! Just try to imagine when you have both pair of feet in your face at the same time? This was just another dream come true!
Mikaila is the first one to ask me to take her boots off, then immediately puts both her two feet up, right in my face! This clip was shot on a really hot summer day, so I have to say her socks were extremely warm on my face! I felt like her white socks were still sweating on my face! Nina also asked me to take off her Converse, then cover my face with her sweaty white socks! Her socks were really intense too! They both make me breathe deeply into their well worn socks, and make me lick the sweaty bottom of their socks too! They both really laugh at me in this part, and it was not an easy task to lick those socks off! They were so sweaty and so smelly! Two pairs of feet is something really intense!
Mikaila is also the first to have me take her socks off, so I had to take them off with my teeth and chew on her dirty socks with both of her feet on my face! Nina also makes me take her socks off, and makes me sniff her smelly bare feet too! They both make me sniff their sweaty bare feet, and make me lick the bottom of their hot bare soles! Mikaila and Nina make me suck their toes too, as they relax and watch Netflix! I have to say they are both really laughing at me in this video! This was for sure the most intense sweat feet challenge in a very long time! There is also a complete version for this video, and this full version of this amazing sweaty socks challenge is actually 39 minutes long! You will find this version directly on the next page, or just below this version! Hope you enjoy this clip as much as I do! (French Language)

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