The Mean Girls - Goddess Draya, Princess Lexi - Bootlicker 2040 (1080 HD)

Added: 26-12-2020

In the Year 2040, the World has changed significantly from that which we inhabit in 2020. No longer do “Men” rule the world with their Incessant Wars, ridiculous political gamensmanship, and generally terrible policies for enriching themselves against the good of humanity. In 2040, WOMEN RUN THE WORLD, and men are only kept as slaves, laborers, or playthings for the Women who control everything.
We begin with StarGoddess Draya speaking to StarPrincess Lexi about the history of Earth and the transition from male led embarrasment to the New World Order of Women in complete power. They explain how men making decisions and attempting to think for themselves is ALWAYS A BAD IDEA, and how much better a place the world has become since Supreme Empress Platinum has been elevated to the rank of World Commander.
As they relax in their incredible form fitting tight shiny outfits and boots, they decide to take one of the few remaining males out of it’s cage and put it to work while reminding it of its role in the world. Watch as they degrade and denigrate the thing while making it shine and clean their boots. They insult it for missing spots, shove their heels into its throat to insure their clean, and treat the beast as exactly what men should be treated like, disposable commodities.
Get back to the future now with this incredible Mean Girls Futurama….
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