Barefoot Academy - Dacey Harlot and Dexter Darkly - Boyfriends Pungent Punishment

Added: 29-11-2023

Dacey and Dexter used to be in a very happy relationship but in the recent months Dexter has been distant and absorbed in his phone, being very secretive. Dacey did some digging and discovered he's been spending money on Sex workers! She's known about this for some time but has been saving up an extra stinky punishment for him as he has special "work dinner" plans tonight.
Dacey comes into the room and Dexter is smiling into his phone, she asks what he's doing and he lies poorly of course! Dacey sees right through his act and demands he hand over the phone, when Dexter refuses she throw him onto the ground and steps on his face and chest. She doesn't plan on letting him up, in fact, she has an even better plan. Dacey knows how much he loves clean, freshly showered soles...and that's exactly why she's been saving up these nasty, smelly socks and shoes. To punish him!
She doesn't plan on rewarding him with what he likes today, or ever again. Dacey dominates him, smothering him with her smelly converse and visibly filthy socks. She uses her sweaty socks as a gag so he can also enjoy the taste of her wet, sweat soaked socks in his mouth. Dacey makes sure Dexter know his place in the relationship now, he will be her smelly foot bitch. She was aware of his secret plans for a meet up tonight and she makes sure no woman will go near him again. Once she's done with him the stench of putrid feet will radiate off of him for weeks! Dexter suffers at the foot of his sadistic girlfriend Dacey as she gags him aggressively, getting all her anger out as she finds amusement in his pain. This is going to be a long, LONG night for Dexter but Dacey is going to make sure they never have this problem again. Her boyfriends pungent punishment will be one he won't soon forget!
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