Madame Teeze - Chastity Slave Worships My Hot Red Boots And Feet

Added: 11-11-2023

I worked hard today.. I deserve to be worshiped and adored when I get home.. My slave is ready to serve me- So after serving me a drink, I have him start worshiping my hot red boots..
Every single inch of my sexy boots are worshipped and licked clean by slave.. Top to bottom (especially the bottoms hehe).. 
Slaves cock is locked in chastity, and is already dripping precum just from licking my boots.. But I’m not letting him out anytime soon. He needs to be patient and serve me, and remained locked.. I do give him a little tease though, letting him hump my boots through his tight cage, and then licking all his dirty precum off.. It’s so amusing watching him struggle to pleasure himself.. 
I use him as my footrest, and ponder ways to tease and torment my slave while sipping my Martini.. My day is starting to get better already.. That’s why I keep a slave around..
I have slave remove my sweaty sext boots, and have him deeply inhale my aroma from inside my boots.. He couldn’t live without my scent for a day without going crazy.. I tease his caged cock with my soft feet and white pedicured toes while he keeps sniffing my stinky boots..  
Then it’s time to have my sweaty feet cleaned.. I wipe my feet on slaves face and have him lick and suck on every single toe.. They better be nice and clean and not sweaty anymore.. While cleaning my feet and toes I rub his poor locked cock with my sexy bare feet.. Every single inch of my feet are worshiped and licked clean.. 
Now it’s time for my bubble bath, and slave will be unlocked.. Tomorrow.. Hehe.. 

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