American Mean Girls - The Feet of The Evil Queen Seal Your Fate Forever

Added: 20-02-2024

Our Hero returns from yet another conquest at the command of his Evil Queen. She has enslaved him and his entire village with the spell cast by her magic stockings. He collapses at her feet, completely defeated, and begs her to PLEASE release him from his servitude. He can simply no longer do this. He has slaughtered DOZENS of villages now in her name, enslaving thousands into servitude for the Evil Queen- surely this must be enough??
The Queen considers his request, and commands him to strip naked for her, and to kneel naked before her as he begs for her mercy. She laughs at his obvious arousal while kneeling before her. She knows there is no way he can ever resist her powers. She commands him to lay himself at her feet and begin stroking he does this, she lowers her feet onto his face and allows the inttoxicating aroma of her magic stockings to penetrate his nostrils...she knows he will be powerless against her now. She tells him that all he has to do is cum- and she will release his family and the rest of his village...but his servitude to her will become PERMANENT and 100 times worse than before.
The hero cannot help himself...she is SO beautiful, the scent of her stockings is SO mesmerizing...he has no chance to resist her. In the end, as the hero is cumming uncontrollably at her feet, the Evil Queen even has one last evil surprise for the hero about his family and the rest of his village...did he really expect her to keep her promise?? Read More
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