Young Goddess Kim - Serving Supremacy

Added: 18-01-2023

Ive kept the boot bitch at My disposal all day, even as I have been out driving it has been trapped in the trunk of My car. Ive arrived home. My shiny PVC and boots look amazing as I drive in and take My time getting out the car as I know the slave is struggling, stuffed in My boot... I finally open it, grab the leash attached to its chastity cage and pull it out. Kicking it down to its knees and pressing My boot sole on its head to the ground. I order it on its back where it will lick the dirt off My boot soles. Using it just like a doormat, I stand on it full weight, rubbing My soles on its unworthy body and face. The inferior slave has the honour of being lead into My house where I give it My orders. I walk into the lounge and sit down to relax on the couch while it crawls to serve Me a drink. While I sit back, it has the privilege and duty of worshipping, kissing and licking My divine boots while I have it tightly by its aching balls. I order it to unzip and remove My boots, suck the heels deeply and kiss the soles reverently before it proceeds in obedience to sniff and smell My well worn Wolford pantyhose feet. They are so scented, being inside these boots all day. Worship every inch, kiss, lick and suck My soles and toes clean. Weaker and weaker for My nylon feet.. Nothing but a mindless, twitching, begging bitch for My feet that own it. Serving supremacy, focusing only on My pleasure, worshipping and obeying in total surrender and teasing torment. What else do I have in store for the object today...

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