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Added: 17-04-2024

Kim is another hot Asian girl that is really attractive, and really curious, so it’s been about a year that we are discussing about doing another sweaty socks challenge! I remember the first time she answered about our Craigslist adds, but now she wants to do a sweaty feet challenge, like the ones that are actually on our site! She also heard about that two hundred dollar bonus that the girls are making when they win the challenge, so she was totally ready to give it a try! The rules are kind of simple. I told her that I will have to deal with her sweaty socks and feet in my face for two hours straight, while she would just relax, and watch a movie. If I can do it? She will give me her socks, but if I can’t? I will have to pay her a two hundred dollar bonus! Kim really wanted to make this two hundred dollar bonus, so she has been wearing the same pair of black socks for over a week, just to make it really difficult for me to win! Smart girl! She has been wearing them at the gym, for her work, for her parties, and she was even sending me text messages and photos every time she was wearing them! The photos were usually coming with a short message like: Poor you, you will have such a hard time! My socks are so wet today, over an hour of training! Double-shift at work! Or about the fact that she was just partying and dancing all night with her well worn black socks inside her boots! That was such a teasing thing! Kim really wanted me to give her enough time to make her thin black socks super sweaty, smelly, and stinky for this two hours challenge! I just had no choice to deal with this, and wait for the time that this cruel challenge will come!
About ten days later, Kim was more than ready to make this challenge, but she really wanted to plan it after a double shift at her job, with her well worn socks and feet inside her sneakers, so she would probably enjoy it more about the fact that she could rest her feet in my face! It seems like she really wanted to win this challenge! We were about ready to start, and I just couldn’t wait to take her sneakers off since we have been talking about this for so long! She just makes sure that all the rules are clear before we get started, then gives me the call to finally take her sneakers off! I was about to take her sneakers off, and honestly, the smell of her socks and feet was so strong, that I could smell it even with her sneakers on! I slowly take her sneakers off, then she just takes pleasure to completely cover my face with her sweaty black socks! The smell was so intense! That was just crazy! It seems like she was just proud about that strong smell of her socks, so she was just smiling to me, and takes that dominant pleasure to rub her sweaty black socks all over my face! She has been wearing them for so long, that the bottom of her socks was just shining like a glass! I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe at this time that I will have to say there for two hours, while she would just relax! This lovely Kim also makes me take some deep breaths inside her sneakers, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her sweaty black socks! They were so tasty! I just wish she could keep me there under her feet all night long!
Kim also wanted to give some fresh air to her feet after that long double shift with her lovely feet inside her sneakers, so she makes me take her socks off with my teeth, and just pushes both of her well worn socks inside my mouth! She makes me sniff the sweaty bottom of her feet, while I had to chew on her dirty black socks at the same time! She was so dominant, so I just had no choice to obey her instructions! Kim makes me take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her feet, very slowly, just to make sure I am tasting her sweat! She also makes me suck on her toes, and they were also super tasty! She really wanted to win that deal, so she is not making it easy for me! After over an hour with her sweaty stinky feet in my face, she totally knew that she was about to win! I had to give it up after seventy one minutes, so she easily made this two hundred dollar bonus! Good thing! She totally deserves it! I really did my best, but two hours is a very long time. Kim was really nice with me, since she told me that maybe she would give me another chance to prove her that I could do this for two hours straight! This is such a honor! Let’s hope we’ll have the chance to see her again very soon! She is so adorable, and sexy as fuck!
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