Dreamgirls in Socks - Mikaila, Nina - Instagram Selfies

Added: 25-11-2022

Mikaila and Nina were just chilling out and taking selfies for their Instagram accounts, and they were both laughing and commenting on a few girls from Only Fans, but the slave was right there at their feet, without them really paying him special attention! It was a really long summer day, and it was a bit warm in the room too, so they figured it would be a great time to take off their shoes and sneakers, and just use his face as a footrest while they would just work on their Instagram selfies! Mikaila and Nina make him take their shoes off, then laugh at him and rub their stinky socks all over his face! They both make him sniff their sweaty stinky socks, and make him lick the sweaty bottom of their socks too! They were a bit salty, but super tasty after sweating all day in their shoes!
Mikaila and Nina also make the slave sniff the insides of their shoes, while they take more selfies and ignore him completely! Looks like he is really struggling with all that strong smell on his face! Mikaila is the first to ask the slave to take her socks off, and completely cover his face with her smelly bare feet! Nina also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and just holds her sweaty socks over his mouth with her foot! They both make fun at him now, and make him sniff their sweaty bare feet! The smell was really intense after that long summer day, but it looks like they don’t give a fuck! Now they are ready to have their sweaty bare soles lick and worship their feet! This was a really intense scent and foot worship session! This clip is actually a masterpiece! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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