American Mean Girls - Lexi Chase, Goddess Draya - Micro Managing The Laundry Slave 4K

Added: 17-09-2022

While other slaves get to worship the Mean Girls’ feet, the laundry slave only gets to polish their shoes in some back room that most of the Mean Girls don't even know about. This slave is like a Cinderella figure that is treated like a slave stepchild. His only interaction with the Mean Girls is when something is so wrong that the Mean Girls need to go in and yell at him.
Miss Lexie Chase wants to know why things are not getting done and finds that there is a literal backlog of laundry baskets that are not being attended to. There is a pile of high heels that have not been cleaned for days and wonders what is the slaves major malfunction. She orders him step-by-step, telling him what to do at every turn. Princess Draya, also frustrated with the way things are going, drops in to get a last-minute shoe-cleaning before her night out. She also is appalled of the slaves lack of effort. they give him a quick bitch slap and get him back on track with his daily duties at this rate the laundry slave will never progress and will spend the rest of his life just trying to catch up with all of them Mean Girls laundry coming in…
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