The English Mansion - Dominant Dolly, Mistress Bliss - Boy 2 Doll Transformation Pt 2 - Complete Movie

Added: 03-01-2021

Mistress Bliss and Dominant Dolly continue the training and transformation of their slave, starting with some mouth training, Mistress Bliss’ big strapon stretching the mouth as DD supervises and encourages, locking a big mouth gag to his mouth before pulling out hot real dick to be sucked. Mistress Bliss compares the two dicks, the poor slaves is a third of the size, she berates him as she frottages the hard dicks together, the precum lubing up the shafts. Slave is then bent over and spitroasted taking turns between rubber and real cock, begging them both for more and more. The final part of the transformation is a complete rubber doll outfit, for the newly named Jade. She looks so hot as her first load of hot cum shot all over her face completes an amazing transformation.

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25 min

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